Kent Annan

Kent Annan is codirector of Haiti Partners, a nonprofit focused on education in Haiti. He's worked in Haiti since 2003—living there some of the time and now traveling there regularly from Florida, where he lives with his wife and two children. Annan has spent many of his post-formal-education years going back and forth between North America and working with people who were in different and difficult situations around the world. After receiving his four year degree, Annan worked for two years in western Europe helping refugees from the former Yugoslavia, Iran, Sierra Leone and other countries. Soon he returned for three years of seminary at Princeton, during which he spent three months studying in India. Upon graduation, he moved to Albania and then Kosovo to work with refugees there. Later he moved back to Princeton to work (and for love!)—and a few years later he and his newly acquired wife moved to Haiti for two and a half years. All of these experiences have helped inform Annan's writing and life mission. Ultimately he wants to help people in need as he tries to work out what their lives have to do with ours here in the U.S. His book, Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle, tells the story of his move to Haiti and weaves together the nitty gritty joys and stumbles of living and ministering in a two-thirds world environment with reflections about faith, doubt, love and God. Currently the work in Haiti continues to grow. People face incredible daily struggles, but Haiti Partners is investing in education so that Haitians can improve their own situations—and children will grow up with better lives. For more information on Annan's work with Haiti Partners, visit
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