Alpha Guide (2016)

Alpha Christian Resources · 2016 · Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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Is there more to life than this?

Why and how do I pray?

Does God heal today?

Alpha looks at these and other questions, providing a practical introduction to the Christian faith.

This guide is ideal for every Alpha guest and works with both Alpha with Nicky Gumbel and the Alpha Film Series, highlighting the main points and giving space for notes.

Over a series of interactive sessions, Alpha helps guests explore the meaning of life, revealing that Christianity can be every bit as relevant to life today as it was 2,000 years ago.

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ISBN13: 9781938328824
# of Pages: 96
Fiction: Non-Fiction
Item: 15209
Publisher: Alpha Christian Resources
Published: 2016
Binding: Paperback / Softback Trade paperback

Alpha Guide (2016)

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