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for King & Country
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With the soaring melodies, driving rhythms and powerful, personal themes of RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG., for KING & COUNTRY's sophomore release results in a body of work that lives up to the band's powerful name, a reflection of standing and fighting for something bigger than yourself, a mission statement that drove the duo from the first words written for this project until the last note was recorded.

The album serves as the musical journal of the last three years of the brothers' lives, a life-changing time of growth, transition, revolution and revelation. In addition to their professional success, both men married and Luke became a father. But Luke also faced a life-threatening illness that forever altered his perspective. By experiencing great depths of pain and fear, he now experiences more joy and hope than ever before.

Not only do their thematic and musical explorations venture into new territory, especially with collaborations with hip-hop artist Andy Mineo and four producers, but also for KING & COUNTRY surpassed the bar that had been set with their debut album. They raised expectations tremendously with the release of 2012's Crave and a win for New Artist of the Year at the 2013 GMA Dove Awards, where they received six nominations. Billboard also named them as one of the New Artists to Watch for 2012 and American Songwriter called them "Australia's answer to Coldplay."

"One of the things that is really exciting with the album overall is that we have about 300-plus shows under our belts at this point with a group of guys that have become like brothers," Joel and Luke explain. "We have made these discoveries along the way - our love for rhythm, our excitement for theatrics. These sorts of things have naturally found themselves inside the new record. RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. is a statement of reclaiming our birthright as humans to live a life that is for others, and in that find what it truly means to run wild, live free and love strong."

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for King & Country

for King & Country

Joel and Luke Smallbone were born in Sydney, Australia. When they launched their band, For King and Country, they wanted to carry a name that would evoke substance and a sense of purpose. Their debut release, Crave, has struck a nerve with their enthusiastic fan base as the brothers sing and talk about "busted hearts," the need for hope, and a passion for believing in something wholeheartedly.



Run Wild Live Free Love Strong - CD

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