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The City Harmonic
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To fully understand The City Harmonic, you have to take a look at the city and season that made this band possible. In 2009, Hamilton, Ontario was a blue-collar steel town withering in decline, with some of the poorest, most run-down neighborhoods in the country. Seeing the need, a group of small churches from various denominations began to meet, pray, and work together for the good of the city. They began serving dozens of non-profit groups in downtown Hamilton and reconvening for a raucous night of worship led by individuals from four different churches and fueled by worship of a different kind… the life-changing sweat and tears of urban mission. It was from this crucible that The City Harmonic was born.

So it only makes sense that one of the first things the band did was to write "Manifesto," a rallying cry to center believers from all walks of life on the core tenets of the faith. It is a message that continues to resonate, as the hit song remains on radio playlists and its music video garners over 2.5 million YouTube views.

With the Sept 4th release of WE ARE, its third full-length album, The City Harmonic continues to grapple with the struggle of everyday people, crafting anthems of longing, hope and yes, even celebration in the midst of it all. WE ARE bursts with a renewed commitment to The City Harmonic's original pulse.

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The City Harmonic

The City Harmonic

"Real bands are made primarily from the neighborhood. From a real time and real place... They're made from the same circumstances, the same needs, the same hungers, culture. They're forged in the search of something more promising than what you were born into..." -Bruce Springsteen, inducting the E Street Band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2014 To fully understand The City Harmonic, you have to take a look at the city and season that made this...



We Are - CD

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