Sea transformados

By Luis Angel Diaz-Pabon
Broadman and Holman Publishing Group · 2015 · Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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Pablo le escribio a la iglesia en Roma para decirles que no se conformaran al mundo que les rodeaba sino a SER TRANSFORMADOS a traves de la renovacion de su entendimiento. En esta obra, el Dr. Diaz­Pabon hace resonar este llamado y ayuda al lector a entender como se ve esto en nuestras vidas y como debemos perseguirlo. Paul wrote to tell the church in Rome to not adapt to the world around them, but instead to BE TRANSFORMED through the renewal of their understanding. In this work, Dr. Diaz­Pabon echoes this call and helps the reader understand what this looks like in our lives and how we are to pursue this.

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Diaz-Pabon, Luis angel

Luis angel Diaz-Pabon is president of the Global Missionary Society and leads several ministries including La Capilla del Rey (The King's Chapel), a church in Miami, Florida. Born into a Christian family, he accepted Christ at age 15 in New York City and later began his work as an evangelist in Puerto Rico in 1973. His evangelistic crusades have drawn as many as 60,000 people in a single night.



Sea transformados

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