New Worship Albums

Bethel Live - Here Is Love
Live worship from Bethel Church featuring Brian & Jenn Johnson, Leah Valenzuela, and Jesus Culture artists Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, and Kristene Mueller.

This album captures the heart of Bethel Church in live, and spontaneous worship, as well as, an up-close interview with Bill Johnson on the history of Revival worship. Renowned worship leader and songwriter Tim Hughes comments on Here is Love, "Passionate, exciting, raw, deep, honest, powerful. This is a fantastic worship album!"

The DVD contains all 11 songs recorded live during a worship service (Running Time: 1:08:00) and a 45 minute documentary containing interviews with worship leaders from Bethel Church and Senior Pastor Bill Johnson on worship.

DVD audio: Dolby 2.0

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Eaghan Heaslip - Introducing Eoghan Heaslip
Eoghan Heaslip is the Worship Coordinator for New Wine UK, and worship leader at St Paul’s Ealing London. He is the main worship leader for New Wine summer conferences in the United Kingdom as well as their leadership and regional events.

Eoghan displays his heart for resourcing churches in worship through this collection of songs. Produced by Nathan Nockels, (Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Passion albums), this album includes co-writes with Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown and Nick Herbert.

“My hope for any of the records I’ve done over the years has always been to offer songs ‘from the church for the church’. All of these songs are songs that have come from the worshipping life of regular churches here in the UK, and have been written with the church in mind, and with the church at heart. All of the friends I have worked with in writing for this project are Worship leaders that have the very same motivations as I do, which has really made preparing a much easier process,” says Heaslip

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Matt Redman - Ultimate Collection
For a singer, songwriter and worship leader like Matt Redman, choosing the ultimate collection is hard work. With a back catalogue that has brought in four Dove Awards and birthed ten solo full-length albums, there is plenty to choose from.

The result of that choice can be heard on Matt’s latest release. Ultimate Collection draws together elements that are both intimate and inspiring, songs that have helped change the sound of worship for an entire generation.

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Various Artists - Revelation Songs
Revelation Songs features some of the most poweful worship songs of our day drawn from renowned ministries that are on the prophetic edge of modern worship.

These songs speak of a hunger for God, are born out of a desire for Divine intimacy and bring revelation that only God can provide.

Featuring artists like Misty Edwards, Jason Upton, Kim Walker, Brian & Jenn Johnson, Kari Jobe and Klaus, Revelation Songs transcends traditional worship to create the perfect atmosphere for the passionate pursuit of God and the outpouring of His presence.

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Vicky Beeching - Eternity Invades
British native and Oxford theologian Vicky Beeching has been involved in worship ministry since she was a small child. Now, one of Modern Worship’s fresh faces, Vicky brings an intellectual yet responsible melodic voice to today’s modern worship.

Her visceral sound is the new tone of the modern day church and her newest release looks to re- shape the landscape of next generation worship as Eternity Invades. This project re-introduces Beeching as one of today's most gifted female worship leaders, and her new music is a testament to her credentials as both a thoughtful theologian and accomplished musician and songwriter. With Eternity Invades, Beeching offers 13 new worship songs that will have as much power being sung by intimate chapel gatherings, mega-church congregations or by just a single man or woman yearning to draw heaven into earth.

Beeching has embraced social media with a highly active presence online through her personal Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and other networking sites. A few weeks ago she launched her newest online venture, the Women In Worship Network. Beeching hosts this new community, where she offers encouragement to female worship leaders, and the opportunity for them to connect with one another via a mini social network and forums. The site had over 2,000 visits on its first day and has over 200 active members of the network's member.

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